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Ngurra Arts

Ngurra Arts is located  at Ngumpan Community approximately halfway between Broome and Kununurra, or 90 kilometres east of Fitzroy Crossing. The centre is situated 1.5km off the Great Northern Highway along the Christmas Creek Road. The art centre sits on Gooniyandi land in an area that blends into the boundary with Walmajarri country.

Ngurra Art Centre reopened in May 2014 after construction of a new building. The previous Art Centre was tragically destroyed by fire in 2010. The name Ngurra means “camp” or “home” in Walmajarri and Wangkajunga languages. Most of the artists who paint at the art centre come from Walmajarri and Wangkajunga country. Many moved north in the mid 1950s from across the desert to the south.

Kurungal Council Inc (KCI) it is the corporation that supports business development across its member communities of Wangkatjungka, Gilly Sharpe, Ngaranjartu, Ngumpan and Kupartiya. The art centre is one of these businesses and the artists who work through the centre come from these communities as well as Bawoorrooga Community.

The artists produce acrylic paintings, carved artefacts, screen-printed bags and tea towels, dyed bags using locally sourced plant dyes, seed & bead jewelry, baskets and soaps. There is a large number of younger and emerging artists along with a small group of established older artists who are also represented by Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency.

Ngurra Arts

Hussani with newly hung paintings by Kuji Rosie Goodjie © Ngurra Arts 2014
Tiyatiya Hill by Ned Cox In the Ngarrangkarni (Dreamtime), tiyatiya (mudlark) and lungkura (blue-tongue lizard) were living together at a place called ngurra tiyatiya. It is a hill that is nearby to the art centre. It started to rain and the country flooded all over. The mother lungkura collected all her little ones and floated with them on her back. She rested on every hilltop, leaving some of her babies behind as she went. She floated from ngurra tiyatiya and through Noonkanbah. She and her babies finally drowned at a place called Looma. © Ngurra Arts 2014
Ngurra Art Centre © Ngurra Arts 2014


Kurungal Council Inc​
T: +61 8 9191 4627
F: +61 8 9191 7722


On behalf of Wangkatjungka, Ngumpan and Kupartiya communities, Kurungal Council wishes to thank the sponsors and everyone for their help and support provided at this year's sports carnival.

The sports carnival was well attended with numbers exceeding last year's event and the planned games and competitions provided great entertainment for everyone involved.

Your sponsorship and support contributed to the event's success and we hope to work with you again in the future.


Viane Watson. CEO

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Community Events

October upcoming events

01-05            Kurungal Music and Sports Carnival, Wangkatjungka Community

13-               Health Wellbeing & Family Safety workshop, Wangkatjungka training centre

13-14           Centrelink visiting Wangkatjungka, KCI office

21-              WDLAC meeting, Wangkatjungka hall. 10:00am

21-              Dept. of Child Protection & Family Support, Parent workshop, Training Centre. 10:00am

21-              Movie nite "That Sugar Film", Wangkatjungka hall. 6:00pm - 7:30pm

22 & 23       Central Desert AGM, Wangkatjungka hall. 9:00am - 3:00pm

23, 24 & 25 Family Group Camp, St George Rangers

26-             Family Group Leaders meeting. WKJ training centre. 9:00am

29-             Remote Licencing visit, Wangkatjungka training centre

30, 31 & 1   Family Group Camp, St George Rangers

 November upcoming events

25-             Kurungal Council Inc. AGM, WKJ hall. 9:30am sharp.